Eugene Smotkin

Dr. Smotkin, a resident of Puerto Rico, is a Chemistry Professor at Northeastern University in Boston, the CEO/co-founder of NuVant Systems and the founder of the Technology and Education Center for Renewable Energy (TECRE) in San Juan. He is an affiliate faculty in the Northeastern Department of Chemical Engineering and teaches a core elective in the Energy Systems MS degree program at Northeastern.
Linda Smotkin
Corporate Secretary

Linda earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications from University of Texas at Austin in 1983. She served as the marketing director for Hispanic Publishing Corporation from 1994 to 1999. Linda has thirty years of finance and operations experience in managing small businesses.
Craig Blassingame
Business Development

Craig, a resident of Puerto Rico, has 35 years of experience as a healthcare administrator. He has extensive experience in new business development, community development, public relations, fund development, brand marketing, and Government relations.  Craig holds an MS degree in management and operations from Cornerstone University, Michigan.
Jonathan Doan
Senior Engineer

Jonathan has extensive experience in energy storage and conversion field, including batteries, fuel cells, and solar grids. He has a PhD in Chemistry from Northeastern University.
Sankaranarayanan Venkatakrishnan
Energy Systems Engineer

Sanka, a graduate with master’s in Energy Systems from Northeastern University, has experience in designing and evaluating solar PV micro-grid projects with battery storage.