• TECRE will offer resources to researchers, industries and individuals interested in advancing renewable energy.

  • TECRE strives to provide renewable energy opportunities in Puerto Rico.

  • TECRE seeks links between industries, national laboratories and universities to foster experiential learning and the development of licensable intellectual property.


  • The Technology and Education Center for Renewable Energy (TECRE) will provide high quality education in renewable energies through a unique cooperative program with some institutions in Puerto Rico, based theory and on Hands-on education.
  • TECRE will give cutting-edge opportunities for technologists, professionals and scientists highly trained in the area of renewable energy through research programs.
  • TECRE will incorporate eco-friendly technologies, approaches and companies that can help reduce our global carbon footprint.


  • By 2025, The Technology and Education Center for Renewable Energy (TECRE) will the non-profit organization leading the development of renewable energies in Puerto Rico; by providing high quality education through the synergistic relationship between technologists-professionals, universities and industries. At the same time, projects in the field of renewable energies will be developed and tracked around Puerto Rico