Our most recent event was Energy, Electronics & Education in conjunction with the Electrochemical Society of Boston.

The learning module was built with the intentions of educating youth on the conversion of energy as well as electrochemistry concepts and circuitry.

Displayed is an early prototype of the learning module tool. Early stages of development included the use of a voltmeter and breadboard. The turnstiles act as the source of mechanical energy in this educational learning module tool. On the inside of the copper wire wrapped plastic box, is two magnets. The magnets, when rotated, produce an AC current that can be fed into the breadboard.

Later models included an oscilloscope with a breadboard. The circuity of the breadboard added bridge rectifier in order to convert AC current to DC current. The breadboard also had some simple series and parallel circuit made from resistors. These circuits were built by the youth during the event.

At the event, Northeastern Undergraduates and youth from the Roxbury Youth Program, worked on constructing the planned learning module tool. The students also constructed circuits on breadboards. A presentation about electrochemistry and renewable energy was given by the Smotkin Lab and the Electrochemical Society of Boston.

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