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Shed Kit

6 V, 370 Ah Deka battery

     Pre-wired system

4 x 330 W panels






Component Name Price
Custom 4’ x 8’ shed kit
(brackets, wood, tools)
$ 1050
Deka Batteries (6) $ 1800
Pre-wired Outback System
(4 panels, combiner box, inverter)
$ 4831
Junction boxes and PVC conduit $ 500
Assembly tools
(hydraulic crimper, wire stripper, etc.)
$ 1000
Total $ 9181

Breakdown of Pre-wired Outback System

**FLEXpower ONE FP1-VFXR3648A includes:

  • Sealed FXR2524A inverter/charger
  • FLEXmax 80 MPPT charge controller
  • MATE3remote control and display
  • HUB10.3 Communication Manager
  • Mounting bracket
  • Prewired AC and DC boxes with 120VAC Bypass and Type B Outlet
  • 250A DC breaker
  • 80A charge controller breaker
  • GFDI
  • RTS (remote temperature sensor)
  • FLEXnet DC and surge protector for 120V 60Hz applications