Meet the people behind TECRE. Read about their motivation and their past work in the science community. Starting with TECRE founder Eugene Smotkin to Northeastern undergraduates; this diverse team of dedicated scientists are ready to take on the renewable energy crisis.

Eugene Smotkin Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry. Professor at Northeastern University and CEO of NuVant Systems Inc. Dr. Smotkin lives in Puerto Rico and is dedicated to the cause. He believes that renewable energy is the right path forward among todays problems with fossil fuels.

Jonathan Doan is the Director of Product Management at NuVant Systems Inc.

Jonathan has extensive experience in energy storage and the conversion field. He has expertise in batteries, fuel cells, and solar grids. He has a PhD in Chemistry from Northeastern University.

Sage Matzker is a candidate for a bachelor in science degree in Chemistry at Northeastern University. She is interested in pursuing governmental science work. Sage believes that climate change is a governmental problem just as much as a scientific problem.