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Designing Solar Powered Water Pump for Puerto Rico

An introduction to solar water pumping  and Puerto Rico’s energy and water use profile was presented by Prof. Eugene S. Smotkin of Northeastern University at Puerto Rico Science Technology & Research Trust on January 17, 2020. Topics include Puerto Rico’s energy and water use profile, peak solar sun hours, solar water pumping, nano-grids for rural farmers, and online monitoring of a nano-grid.  Click here to view the presentation.  

Presentation at HOMER International Microgrid Conference (HIMC) 2019

Mini Grids in Puerto Rico using Repurposed NiMH Batteries

This invited presentation by Dr. Smotkin was given at the HOMER International Microgrid Conference hosted by HOMER Energy in Cambridge, MA. Dr. Smotkin explains the memory effect of Toyota nickel metal hydride batteries extracted from end-of-life vehicles. Dr. Smotkin describes how these spent traction batteries are reconditioned for use in photovoltaic solar energy conversion and storage systems.  

Introduction to Solar PV Microgrids

An introduction to solar photovoltaic (PV)  micro grids presented by TECRE Founder Prof. Eugene S. Smotkin at The Rotary Club of San Juan, Puerto Rico on January 22, 2019. Topics include:  Peak solar sun hours, solar irradiance, solar insolation, grid components selection, and water pump selection.  The presentations  are in Spanish and English, click on the desired language to have access to it.

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