TECRE works with a licensed master electrician to ensure NEC compliance. Students participate in nano- and micro-grid design and assist with deployment of donation funded solar systems.  TECRE can also engage in contractual work where profits are re-invested into TECRE mission activities. TECRE project provides experiential  learning for students while benefiting hurricane disaster victims.  TECRE prioritizes recipients with annual salaries below $10,000/year. Project sponsorship is tax deductible. 


The following are donor opportunities. Projects are removed upon full funding and new projects are initiated.  For more info, fill out the on-line form below.  We look forward to hearing from you!

  1. Project 1215190: TECRE operating expenses
    Funds donated to this project will contribute to TECRE operations such as CPA fees, insurance and eventually student employees and interns.
  2. Project 1215191: Educational facilities 
    TECRE has solar siting equipment (Solar Pathfinder), 600 watts of photovoltaic panels and a Mate 3 system control module for nano-grid control and monitoring.  What is required is:
    a. Outback Flexmax 60 charge controller
    b. Outback FXR 2012A inverter charger
    c. Demonstration mounting frame (80/20 Inc.)
    d. 205 Ah Trojan SAGM lead acid battery
    e. Midnite Solar E-panel enclosure: MIDMNE175STS
    f. Assorted wire spools (10 AWG, 8 AWG, 4 AWG and 2/0 spools)
    g. Outback communication HUB
    h. Classroom multimedia equipment including laptop, audio visual projector, pull down screen.
    i. 10 High impedance hand held volt-ohm meters (for 20 students)
    j. Wire crimping tool for up to 2/0 wire
    k. American and Metric socket wrench set
    l. 20 sets of polarized safety glass and work gloves
    m. Commercial coffee grinder to serve as test load component.
    n.  Air mover blower fan for serve as test load component.
    o.  Assorted crimp spades terminals
    Estimated cost: $9000

  3. Project 1215192A: Adopt a Nano-grid
    Recipient: Roberto Sanchez Colon: Farmer
    Location:  18┬░12’51.5″N 66┬░19’27.5″W
    Canabon, Barranquitas
    Estimated cost: $4500

  4. Project 1215192B: Adopt a Nano-grid
    Recipient: TBD

    Make a tax-deductible check donation to

    PO Box 9023324
    San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00902
    Phone: 787-587-3746

    Or, for more information, fill out the form below.