Paul Bayman

Paul Bayman (Gupta) is Professor of Biology at UPR Río Piedras. He has a PhD in Botany from UC Berkeley. He works on plant-fungus interactions and pests and disease of coffee. He is a partner in Vainilla Castañer LLC, dedicated to reviving the vanilla industry in PR.
Steve Greenbaum

Dr. Steven G. Greenbaum is CUNY Distinguished Professor of Physics at Hunter College, a Fellow of the American Physical Society and a 2014 Jefferson Science Fellow at the U.S. State Department. His research is in battery materials science.
Thomas Mallouk

Thomas Mallouk, Ph.D. is Vagelos Professor in Energy Research at the University of Pennsylvania.  He has 34 years of teaching and research experience in electrochemistry and materials chemistry and is Chief Scientist of NuVant Systems.