Project 264 Calle San Sebastian

The first TECRE/Northeastern student demonstration project was an upgrade of a 120 VAC system to 240 VAC by placing a second 120 VAC inverter in series with the first inverter. The MATE3 microprocessor maintains the two inverters 180 degrees out of phase to obtain 240 VAC. The is a 2 kW system installed with a 14.8 kWh lead acid battery storage system. The screenshots show how the energy distribution for a full-size refrigerator and one air conditioning unit shift throughout a day. The micro-grid was designed by Northeastern University students taking the Energy Systems course (ENSY5300) in the spring of 2019. The system was installed by 2 Northeastern students along with a Puerto Rican master electrician and his licensed assistant. The MATE3 monitoring system enable control and observation of the PV plant 24 hrs/day.

TECRE aims to instal additional learning sites that benefit the end-users along with the educational institutions participating in the TECRE mission.

Please click here to monitor the system performance online.

Username: tecre.guest

Password: 264@Sansebastian

Real time micro-grid monitoring